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Continued compliance thanks to successful safety messages Monday July 27, 2020

Marketing and customer services professionals from across the light rail sector have reported the continued success of their messages on safe travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

Members of the UKTram Light Rail Marketing, Communications and Customer Services Group heard that the vast majority of customers continue to comply with the rules on face coverings and guidance on social distancing.

Across the sector a significant increase in customer numbers has also been reported since the government dropped its advice on avoiding public transport, although patronage remains well below pre-Covid levels.

Jamie Swift, UK Tram Marketing and Commercial Manager, explained: “Operators have worked hard to provide up to date information for their customers throughout the pandemic and it’s heartening that the traveling public has continued to follow their guidance.

“In fact some networks have reported over 90 per cent compliance with the directions on face coverings, which demonstrates the success of the steps colleagues have taken to make sure customers are aware of the rules.

“This is particularly important as passenger numbers begin to rise and colleagues expect communications activity will prioritise coronavirus safety messaging over promotional marketing for some time to come, with capacity restricted by social distancing guidelines.”

Networks in Manchester, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Sheffield and the West Midlands were represented at the group’s online update meeting, held last week. The meeting also provided the opportunity for members to highlight steps they’re taking to ramp up service levels.

Jamie added: “It was clear from the meeting that the sector is still operating well below ‘normal’ service levels but there are encouraging signs that customers are returning and UKTram is well placed to support colleagues when they are ready to start actively promoting their networks.”