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Lindsay Murphy

Friday November 2, 2018

Lindsay is a Transport Engineering specialist with over 30 years’ experience. Lindsay has a proven track record in the delivery of major transport projects including Heavy Rail, Light Rail and other guided systems from concept to operation. Lindsay is a capable Senior Manager and Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

She is respected in the industry for the resolution of difficult interface, design, commercial and process related problems, taking an astute but collaborative approach.

Lindsay led the maintenance delivery of the expansion of Lines 2 and 3 at Nottingham Express Transit. While working on Manchester Metrolink and as Head of Engineering at Nottingham Trams, Lindsay developed real hands on experience of building and managing effective maintenance teams and asset management.

Recently Lindsay has supported and led the maintenance element of several successful O&M tenders and provided best practice reviews for existing operations.

Previously while working within the public sector, Lindsay was project manager for the delivery of a package of projects including heavy rail stations, a guided busway, 15km of bus priority measures, on-street, cycling facilities and two park and ride sites. She brought these projects from concept to operation including obtaining parliamentary powers and public funding.

Lindsay brings experience of the delivery of public transport solutions with a strong understanding of the advantages of Light Rail within the Public Transport market. She brings specialist knowledge in asset maintenance management, a desire to improve standards within the industry, develop links for the industry with proven specialists in the maintenance supply chain and develop a recognition within the industry of the advantages of a collaborative approach to the management of both operation and maintenance.