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Colin Kerr

Monday September 3, 2018

Colin is committed to assisting development of UKTram to deliver the appropriate strategy for the industry. Colin is an experienced cross discipline engineer with 4 decades experience. For the past 2 decades, Colin has worked in the rail industry. Until recently (November 2017) Colin was the chairman of the Light Rail Engineers Group and leads Edinburgh Trams (ET) Projects & Safety team. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the Safety & Standards and Environment management for Edinburgh Trams and is the lead Operational Interface for infrastructure projects. Colin also leads on development of innovative solutions relating to Fatigue, Wellbeing and green energy.

He joined Edinburgh Trams from Thales where he worked on several projects on London Underground. His background, in electromagnetic compatibility engineering and safety assurance, has meant he has played an invaluable part in the Edinburgh Trams project since 2007. Colin led the assured delivery of the tram system through to revenue service and continues to ensure that the tram network remains compatible with adjacent infrastructures. Colin is providing lead Operations Interface support to City of Edinburgh Council for their project to deliver Trams to Newhaven (Secondary Phase 1A)

Colin is a skilled manager in Systems Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), whose broad base experience has been gained within the International Electronics and Transport industries.
Colin is committed to furthering innovative development of projects to enhance the transport industry and has assisted Birmingham University to realise their More Energy Efficient Trams project to the commercial product called DriveSmart (Ricardo Rail). Further innovative is being delivered including the Driver Innovation Safety Challenge (D.I.S.C.).
Professional affiliations include membership of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET) and inter-National Association of Radio Telecoms and Electromagnetics (iNARTE) for which he is a certified Engineer.

• Supported UKTram to establish the Governance of the Light Rail Safety & Standards Board
• Successfully grew and stabilised the industry support for the Light Rail Engineers Group.
• Introduced Best Practice days to follow every LREG so that we could maximise industry expertise while it was at our disposal.
• Introduced a modern tramway version of the process for the industry to report Urgent Safety Advice Notices.
• Supported Green innovation project to introduce system to reduce consumption of traction power.
• Provided technical expertise to the UKTram Sub-Committee addressing the Sandilands accident findings.
• Member of the review group introducing the Tramway Safety Principles and Guidance (formerly RSP2).
• Supported the Guidance and Standards chairman in production of a draft best practice guidance document for “UK Tram Self Certification Process for the Management of Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)”
• Supported production of best practice guidance relating to Underrun Protection.
• Produced a best practice guidance document for testing audibility of Tram audible warning devices.
• Assisted Mainspring to set up appropriate topics of discussion for their inaugural Light Rail Engineering Best Practice event in Blackpool