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Martin Fleetwood

Monday September 3, 2018

Martin is a partner in the law firm Shoosmiths LLP and has been involved in the light rail sector for over 15 years.  During this time he has had an involvement with virtually all of the UK light rail schemes where he has advised various industry parties on legal issues.  He has also advised parties on schemes in Ireland, Europe and Asia.  He has worked on establishing new schemes as well as advising on replacement concessions and extensions to existing system.

Martin was involved with the establishment of the Light Rapid Transit Forum, which promoted the private sector within the tram industry before the restructuring of UKTram.  Following the restructuring he has been keen to support UKTram’s work and this was one of the drivers to put himself forward for selection as an Independent Board Member of the organisation.

An active supporter of the light rail industry, Martin has written and spoken on a number of topics which affect the industry.  This has included managing legal risk, structures for tram concessions and the benefits of the Luxembourg Rail Protocol.  He has contributed a number of articles to leading industry publications such as Tramways and Urban Transit and was a speaker at this year’s UK Light Rail Conference.  As a practitioner who also works in other transport sectors Martin is able to bring ideas and experience from these areas, including an understanding of the alternatives that may be appropriate for a particular location.

Martin has significant experience of sitting on committees and helping them to deliver their set objectives.  This has included helping the committee take a fresh look at the issues and suggesting different methods of achieving its main objectives.  He also believes that a cross section of views need to be taken into account and, where possible, a consensus obtained.  This has been particularly apparent on some of the international projects that Martin has worked on and he is keen to encourage such disciplines within UKTram.  Producing a solution which has political acceptance has been key on a number of tram projects.

Currently Martin sits on the Management Committee of the Rail Working Group (RWG) for the Luxembourg Rail Protocol where he hold the post of Secretary.  As well as being involved in the main management decisions he also has responsibility for ensuring that relevant procedures are followed and decisions of the RWG are made in accordance with its articles of association.

Martin is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and also a member of the Institute’s Strategic Rail Policy Group.  The Policy Group reviews rail-based activities which have a strategic importance for the UK and advises the Institute on any public comment it wishes to make on these matters.  Within the Policy Group Martin has specific input on light rail issues as well as legal issues more generally.